Thursday, March 31, 2011

A birthday card to add to your collection.
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This is so much fun.... I keep finding new hats and they seem to be getting bigger...
*(s)  Now I have to stop and go do some housework... *(s)
Made me smile for today... if you would like the hat tube yourself let me know...
and I would love to see your results.

Another pretty hat ... I think I would have been right at home back in the Victorian era... except for the summers when I have no clue how they managed to wear all those long dresses, petticoats, and sundry underwear items that must have been dreadful.  I always thought they would need so many servants to clean the hems and bottoms of those beautiful long dresses that you see in the movies dragging along in the mud on the streets .........

My Kindle should arrive today.... Yippee!!!!!  
Can't wait.  It's like Christmas for me.... *(s)
They'll be no more lying around doing absolutely nothing...  now I'll have lots to read and will be able to download the books in 60 seconds... that is so clever I think.... 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is always fun to do... take the hat and add it to your own head.... :-)
You can even change colours in paintshop pro... the sky's the limit as they say. Now all I need
is a tea party to go to.
Here is the link to the hat  if you wish to use it on a photograph of yourself...
I'd love to see it .. and especially if you are a member of my vintage group called
"Bloomsbury House" which you can join from the right hand side border imaged link.

PLEASE don't forget to go down the right hand side of my blog here and click on the animal rescue site. I know I keep reminding you all of this but it is so important.  It is a free thing to do... and it will provide food and shelter for animals in need.  God bless their little hearts .. I adore them all.  I had a lovely visit today from a very beautiful girl called Goldie who came with her dad for a cup of tea and a chat.  I got smooched and snuggled and of course she wanted those "beggin strips" that all the doggies love.   I think she's my biggest fan....

A wonderful old vintage entertainnent poster.... I love these.  It's amazing what they paid to go see.... I guess with no telly to watch or movie theatres there wasn't a lot to pick from.  I would have liked to have seen this guy and his dogs performing.
Gosh   the news is so depressing. Japan having a nuclear meltdown and then there's Gaddafi and Libya.  I don't understand how the USA can possibly even contemplate arming the rebels who are trying to overthrow Gaddafi.  They have no clue who these rebels are and for all they know they could be taliban fighters or anyone who wants to kill American soldiers.  It all seems ludicrous..... Gaddafi has been in power for over forty years and doing the same things as he's accused of doing now.  I don't like the guy but it makes you wonder why they choose now to take a stand with Libya when they have ignored the atrocities in other countries and also what he's been doing for nearly half a century. 

Good news for me is that my Kindle from Amazon is on its way. I received its pretty pink cover today and that had to come from Hawaii.  It's all so very clever I think that we can get things from so far away.  Hawaii is half way to my home in Australia and its sort of humbling to think that it came all this way just for me.  My Kindle should arrive sometime this week as you can track its transit activity on line and mine is down near Vancouver at present.  Yikes .. I am going to love it.  I can't wait ....  changing the font size is the biggest thing for me ... and I am going to love the option of having the book read to me if I want to do that.  They sure are clever little devices.  I'll soon be able to sit in the summer breezes out on my deck and enjoy my vintage era mystery books....sipping tea of course at the same time.

Monday, March 28, 2011

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I guess when you are little and perhaps lonely ...  in need of a nap and a snuggle ....

anything with fur will do.   A beautiful little horse ....... 

Such a beautiful little face....
young and full of mischief .....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I watched the Yogi Bear movie last night. It was wonderful.  I've always loved old Yogi and Boo Boo and  the movie was stunning with gorgeous colours, clarity and lots of adventure and fun.  Grand daughter Hannah was with us and we all laughed like crazy.  Yogi and Boo Boo of course were animated but it had real actors in it as well. I often think how clever these people are who create these films. The funny story lines and jokes and  hilarious scenes ...  They are all so beautiful compared to the stuff I saw when I was growing up.  I think the best thing we had at the time .. in the 50's and 60's was probably Sesame Street and I remember the day it turned up on our telly in glorious colour.  I was stunned.   Anyway if you want a good laugh, and some hilarity ... rent Yogi Bear from the store and enjoy it with those you love.   *(s)

Friday, March 25, 2011

A mum and her baby from last year..
these two are so tame and gorgeous.  I hand fed the little one yesterday.
A pretty image for you to save ... I love the flowers on her hat...
so chic.... You can click on it to bring it up original size.
It's a real spring bonnet.... now that our northern spring has sprung we'll soon have grass to mow and flowers to plant and care for. I love it when my forget me nots start to spread and bloom.  They are so pretty.  Then I have some lilac bushes, lots of big white daisies and a few things I'm not sure what their name is.  An old friend gave them to me from her garden and they have flourished ... I have a feeling that they are some sort of lillies.  The deer this year didn't eat the bottoms of our tall trees out the front ... conifers ... because we wrapped them in burlap. Last year they ate a good portion of them and they were beginning to look like topiaries.  Or maybe I'm filling up the deer this year with plenty of corn and goodies that they don't need to eat my trees.  

This morning a big buck arrived as usual with his beautiful antlers ... I had a talk to him and fed him and he made sure the others were chased away so he could get all the food... then he returned in the afternoon and one of his antlers was missing.  I guess he would feel a bit lopsided.  Maybe I'll find it out in the field where they all wander ....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hot off the creating presses .. for you today ... I brand new desktop wallpaper I have just put together for you all ... click on the image to see it full size. It's summery, vintage and very pretty. Looks great on my large computer screen.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rest in Peace dear Elizabeth.
So beautiful, so talented.....
No more pain ...
You can be with your beloved Richard Burton now.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I had so many deer to feed today. With new bags of corn I think they all thought it was their birthdays. This little guy is just one of the 8 or so smaller deer which  are just gorgeous. He visited with his mum and twin sibling. They wait for me to open the shed door and come out with their food.  I remembered to take my camera down the back yard with me and snapped some lovely photos in the sunshine.

You can click on it to see it much larger.
So pretty ....
Heavens to Betsy as they say.   I fiddled with my blog and nearly lost the whole thing.  For whatever reason blogspot doesn't seem to want to let me change the background or do what I want so I guess its a glitch and they will fix it hopefully before too long.   If you ever come visit and see that the blog no longer exists and you want to find me again you might want to keep a note of my email address.... and you can write and ask me where my new blog might be.  It's so frustrating not to have things working properly but there is little one can do about it ....  after all its a free service so I guess we can't complain no matter what happens. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Heavens above... have a look at these gorgeous shoes. I have always adored shoes and used to have lots back home in Australia when I was working.  Now I'm completely blown away by the stunning designs I see in advertisements.  Oh to be young again.... to be thin and gorgeous and sexy and able to walk in these magnificent creations.  As I look at them I imagine the millions of young girls stepping around in these in places like New York where the clothes are available to match the shoes ......  There were so many on this page I loved.  Arhhhh!!!!  I would love to have lots of these ..... but alas I wouldn't get much chance to wear them up here with the bears and the deer and the wolves in the woods.  Check the page out .....
I love this image.  Perhaps they are in love... perhaps they are just enjoying the warm sunshine..
perhaps she smells something nice on the horizon.  She looks like she's enjoying the smells of
freshly cooked muffins, or chocolate cake.....  I love the whiskers, and the patterns on the nose area...and of course the hair on the chin.  I could stand for hours and just watch the little deer that come to visit us here in the woods... they too have hair on their chins and gorgeous long eyelashes.  As I pour the corn into the feeder and the little one comes close I can just reach out my finger and touch his nose.   This morning big old grumpy guy with big antlers (who I adore) ... came to see what he could find to eat and as always... he chases the girls and smaller deer away so he can get everything.  He wasn't content this morning with just looking at them (although it was working because they were leaving his area) .. he decided he'd better stand up high a bit and plonk his front legs down on the ground in a gesture of authority.  He reminded me of a grumpy old grandpa who was tired of the young kids getting in the way and after telling them to go outside and play ... would leave his chair and pretend to chase them.   *(s)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Why does taking insulin make you gain weight.  It's so difficult for us diabetics to get it right.  I have researched it all so much and still don't have an answer.  I eat correctly, I exercise, I have cut down my calories dramatically yet I still gain those pounds.  I am getting truly frustrated with the whole process of trying to keep my glucose levels down.  And it's a huge task in the supermarket to actually find stuff that isn't loaded with hidden sugars.  If it doesn't have sugar  the package says "sugar free" ... only when you read the fine print does it say its sweetened by aspartame or those other artificial sweeteners.   Which are a million times worse than the real sugar.   As I plod around the supermarket looking at practically everything on the shelves in great detail ... reading labels .... everything seems to be filled with carbohydrates or sugars.  Even the old ketchup has one teaspoon of sugar in a tablespoon of it. Urgh!     It's not fair.  Manufacturers should stop filling up our food with sugars ... it's killing us.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sweet little girl... if she was alive today she'd probably be thinking about the
impending nuclear disaster in Japan... or perhaps wondering why Gadaffi is still
allowed to reign in Libya killing his own people for not liking him.
Perhaps she'd be wondering why 25% of the terrorist detainees in Gitmo jail end up
being released back into their own countries (flown there by the USA) and return
to killing Americans soldiers in wars.   Insanity to say the least...
Maybe she'd be wondering what the next world disaster will be ... isn't there always
another one just around the corner.  The radiation cloud has already reached the
USA and Canadian coastlines from Japan  .... 

Does anyone do repairs anymore. We certainly are a throw-a-way society whether its our broken computers, clothes, cars, furniture etc.  I can remember when I was a little girl and mum would save all the brown paper bags .. and brown paper from parcels etc. She would often use it to iron on if the garment had an oily stain on it.  The brown paper soaked it up and away it went.   She'd also save all the glass jars so we could put our home made jam in them. 

Saved pieces of string would be rolled into a ball, buttons from clothes would be cut off and put into a box.  Socks would be darned, curtains fabric would be used to make cushion covers ... soap bits would be melted down and made into another bar of soap..... 

There was hardly anything thrown away ... gift wrapping paper was saved.... I guess it was an early version of recycling.   But back then in the 50's and 60's we had no supermarkets or specialty stores ... it was a little corner store where we bought our biscuits in one or two pound lots and they were placed in a brown paper bag.  No fancy packets like we see now.  And I can remember we didn't even have shampoo ... I used a bar of soap in the bath to wash my hair and there certainly were no hairdryers.  Bending down in front of the open fire was the only way I could dry my hair for school next day. We would listen to the "wireless" ... before we had television.  Good heavens... it was 50 years ago .. where has that time gone to.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My beautiful deer came today for food.  Gosh they looked healthy and happy in the gorgeous afternoon sun of our warm day here in the woods of British Columbia.  I guess the old bears will be coming out of hibernation soon.  I saw on one of the news channels where a mother bear and her cubs had been hibernating under someone's house.  Yikes !!! 

 And of course the squirrels and birds are out in my yard picking up all the seeds from all the winter that had been strewn over the snow and been embedded... now its coming loose as the snow melts so they must think it's their birthdays... lots of fun for them.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday I ordered my Kindle. I'm soooooooooo  looking forward to getting it. My eyesight is failing and with my Kindle I can increase the size of the font to any size I like ... plus there are thousands upon thousands of public domain books like Jane Austen which I can download free.  I think I'll be doing my "Sherlock Holmes" thing and finding all the ones I can written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and also by other people which actually surprised me. There are so many of them by other authors who are using Sherlock and Dr. Watson as their main characters so I guess they got copyright approval from the estate of Sir Arthur.  Great fun, and I know all those wonderful stories will help fill in the long winter days up here in the Canadian wilderness.  

My deer have been here lots this week... they think I'm a drive in take away place .. *(s) ... they line up at the fence like they are waiting for hamburgers and fries.  They got spoiled today when we got more whole corn which they crunch up ...  when the 14 or so of them get munching and crunching it sounds like a fireworks factory.  I guess it tastes like candy and something they would never get in the wilderness unless they raid someone's barn or field.   I will miss them when soon they will be heading for the hills .... when the Spring and Summer come .... and the lovely sweet green grass and buds on trees, leaves and cool refreshing water flowing instead of having to have mouthfuls of snow.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

You can click on the image to take you to my website where I have a new
collection called "Gaslight Gems".   Thirty gorgeous pretties to use in your creations ...
for just $7.99

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The news is so hard to watch.  I cannot believe what I see in Japan.  Today they showed a man .. 10 miles out to sea... clinging to a part of his roof. His wife was gone.  He had given up all hope ... but was rescued by a USA ship.  Images too stunning to fully comprehend.  It's heartbreaking.....  sadness overwhelms me when I think of it and see it. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

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Devastation in Japan.. unbelievable. 
 I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the tv. 
 What can one say!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm so looking forward to getting a Kindle especially since my eye doctor told me I was legally blind and had cataracts.  The Kindle will help me for sure.   My latest book .. (I"m an avid reader) has been two in the series written by Victoria Thompson and they are called Gaslight Mysteries.  Set in Victorian New York instead of my usual Victorian England I found them both to be great adventures... so much so... that I've just  submitted an order for two more online selections from our library.  They bring the books in from all over British Columbia so the range of choice is great.    You can check out Victoria Thompson's latest book by clicking here....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Remembering you today my beloved little Wilbur.
 It was such an awful day knowing you were
 dying and there wasn't
 a thing I could do
 but hold you. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alaska's famed Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race officially gets under way today  after a ceremonial start to a 1,000-mile competition that takes mushers through some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

Sixty-two teams are competing this year and will travel more than 1,150 miles across the Arctic for a chance at $50,400 and a new truck.
They sped through Anchorage Saturday to the sounds of racing paws and cheering crowds.

God bless these wonderful and clever dogs.  It always worries me till the race is done. It's so dangerous and treacherous but having seen a dog sled race here in the town where I live I was very surprised at how excited the dogs get and how impatient they are to get going.  I was also surprised at how much smaller they were than what I'd expected.  With their little booties on to keep their feet from hurting it was quite the sight to see.   Stay safe sweet ones.....  and I hope the weather behaves enough to allow you a safe journey.  It' such a horrible long way.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Next Tuesday ... 8th March .. will be the third year anniversary of the death of my dear, beloved Wilbur dog. He gave me love and friendship ... fun and joy.. every single day. I sure do miss him.... 

He loved nothing more than to play in his little plastic pool and probably remember how he used to be swimming at the beach back home in Australia.

We would spend many hours on the beach... he'd dig in the sand trying to get at the seaweed and the tide would come in and fill the hole up.  He'd do it all over again.... and again....  and again.   Or I'd turn over a rock on the beach and we'd find sand crabs .. which he'd bark at ferociously and back away from. Bless you sweetie... I wish you were still with me.   I have you close to my heart in the little gold locket I wear 24/7. How quickly those three years have gone by already.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My little deer came this morning in the bitter cold and snow. Their faces were like white masks with black eyes and a black nose.  Very spooky looking and the snow was falling heavily on their backs .. and on mine.. as I fed them.  One little guy turned up with icicles on his eyelashes. They were hanging down touching him on the nose almost and another one had small snowballs on his eyelashes.  It's been so cold.....  I can only stay out there for a few moments before my face starts to hurt ............. 

I had to move one of the bird feeders closer to the house so the crows wouldn't demolish every seed I put in their for the smaller birds. It's so difficult when one knows that everything is so hungry and cold but those crows just eat it all so quickly.  The chickadees were landing on my head whilst I was refilling the feeder.   I feel so bad for them all in this horrible cold.