Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Desktop wallpaper for you to save if you are keeping those which I share here on my blog....
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I love this one....  lol.....
could the bow be bigger if it tried.
Poor little girl is definitely overwhelmed by the size of it....

but hey ... back in the days....
they sure loved their hats and hair embellishments.
I think this is the biggest bow I've ever seen in any of the thousands of vintage photographs I have in my collections.
Gorgeous photo of mum and the kids.  I remember seeing a family like this one day when we went up to the river outside of town.  I had not been living in Canada very long and when I saw the bears wanding along the rocks I just stood there and cried.   It was such a gorgeous sight.  They didn't seem to care that I was watching and just went about their business of catching some fish for their lunch.    I shall have to take my camera up into the woods more often and see what I can photograph.   There sure is lots to see.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How do they put up with it.... our little grandson Connor was caught cutting his dog's "hair".
I asked him had he been good and he said NO!
I asked why and his mum joined in the conversation to tell me he'd been cutting Chewie's fur.
So funny. Big, old Chewie dog is so complacent and tolerant.  This photo isn't him .. but he must also be tolerant but when I look more at the photo perhaps its the dog that is "bugging" the cat .. he's on top of it after all...... squashed cat.....

Thunder and lightening .... gosh I hate it.... one huge thunder clap shook my sofa with me on it.  No wonder the animals are terrified. I am too. The little birds kept hanging around until it all got so bad they must have been scared out of their little feathers.  Disappeared quick smart to find shelter. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flood evacuation alert for the town I live in.  We got notification to be ready to roll .....
There is so much water.  The snow hasn't even melted yet from up in the mountains, and its been raining for a few days.  The water has nowhere else to go.  The ground is soaked... it can't handle anymore.  The rivers are raging like freight trains with huge trees flowing as fast as  you can imagine.  They are piling up at the bridges and machinery is working 24 hrs day and night to keep it cleared.   How many days it will last is anyone's guess...  the train lines are about two inches from being underwater .... the bridges are being knocked around by the force of the timber and debris barrelling towards the concrete structures.   We are surrounded by rivers and they are all coming over the highway .....  Our cases are packed ...  :-(
Ever woken up in someone else's bed.
These two will have to stop partying...  lol....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Such sad stories coming out of the tornados this week ... the little boy who was ripped from his fathers vehicle through the sun roof was found dead today.  Another father lost his two babies...one was 3 years old and one was 18 months old.  The young man who had just graduated and was still wearing his cap and gown .. was also found dead after he vanished from the car him and his friend were in.  And one family had a beautiful 3 storey home.  They had a safe room where they huddled whilst the storm passed over their home and tore off the top floor.  They could not coax their dog to go into the small room and he was not around when they came out to see the destruction and devastation.  He was gone... but luckily later .. he was found 3 miles away by a truck driver and the family was reunited with him.   The stories are horrendous ... so much heartbreak.
I'm beginning to think I should have webbed feet like the ducks. It's not stopped raining for days and still more is expected.  Urgh!   where is our nice sunshine.  My potted plants I think will burst forth madly when the sun does eventually shine down on them.  It's such a short growing season and I'm always amazed at how fast things seem to appear from the once icey and solid ground.    Only good thing as I've mentioned before about bad weather is that its a good excuse to keep on creating ... and my Etsy goodies are also bursting forth like an explosion of pretties.  Such fun it is to fiddle and design.  I love it. 
I've included here a background image from my Etsy Shoppe ... its title is Pink Romance Digital Sheet One... Click on it to see it full size and you may use it however you wish. Commercial use is okay .. as with all the Etsy sheets at my Shoppe.  They are all 300 dpi for wonderful printing out on card stock paper .. this one you could print out and use as a greeting card.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I cried today hearing stories on the tv about the tornados in the southern part of the USA.  One man was travelling with his son when the tornado struck and the son was sucked out of the truck through the sun roof window.  Gone ... never been found.  Another lady had her baby ripped from her arms ... lost ...  so many reported missing, so many injured, so many dead.  When will it end for them.  I'm praying for you all.
Having bad weather has given me an opportunity to really get some things designed and created for my Etsy Shoppe so at least I'm pleased about that. I don't feel guilty then sitting at the computer.  I have a nice little office and a desk which faces a window .. and out of that window I can see next door's children playing in their yard so often it's quite fun listening to them squealing and fighting or getting annoyed or just having fun.  Listening to their conversations is often quite hilarious ... just like this morning when I spoke to our sweet little grand, Connor ... who told me he'd been cutting the dog's hair.  Poor granddog Chewie. He'll be wishing he was living up here in the woods with the old grandma who loves him completely.  Bless him ...

My latest sheet for my shoppe I've included below here for you to see.... great bunch of images to do with as you wish and what an opportunity for anyone who wants to make some money from selling their creations using my designs.    You can click on the image to see it larger...

Monday, May 23, 2011

If you like the little boy and girl I added to my blog background  it comes from 
and the digital collage sheet is entitled "The Bird's Nest".  The images are 300 dpi so you can use them however you wish and the quality will be great.   Soft and delicate and very vintage and shabby chic... I love these .. maybe its because each one has a bird's nest on it. Check them out if you have time or just pop over to the Shoppe for a browse around.
My sweet little bowl snagged from a garage sale over the weekend.  I love the cut out effect and will most likely use it for candies or cookies served for afternoon tea.  I love going to garage sales... not a bad purchase for just $5.  All I need now is for spring to start happening and for the warmer weather to begin and my garage browsing days can start happening ...

Maybe one of these days I'll even find a decent china cabinet or something furniture-ish that I can use to put all these pretty things in.  Paint it white .. do a shabby chic look.. add some roses and that will be it.

Twister kills 89 in Joplin, Missouri
Headlines this morning .. made me cry.  Hearing the sounds of the tornado as it devastated the town of Joplin .. people huddled in a commercial freezer whilst they were being ripped apart.  The images are dreadful and heartbreaking.   It's like a nuclear bomb has gone off... hardly anything left. 
Keep these people and others who suffer similar storms .... in your prayers. I simply do not know how they go on after stuff like this.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The little dog falling from the sky ..... 

Found a garage sale today... unexpectedly so we had to have a look.  I managed to snag a decent paper guillotine which I've been wanting for some time.  We even went into the stationery store on Friday to see how much they were... way too expensive... but got this one for $5.    

I also came away with a really pretty bowl.  Roses all around it and cut out pieces like lattice work and gold handles on each side.  Love it too.   It looks like garage sale-ing days are upon us.  Next week is the big one in the field not far from where we live. It goes for about 3 or 4 days.   I'm really looking forward to that one.
Do ducks have ankles....I was looking for the ducks this morning .. out in the field which is turned into some small lake... after the heavy rain and the melting snow.  The little guy duck came over for the bread as usual... he was floating along like ducks do then he decided to stand up.  Funny little thing ... the water was only up to his ankles. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

A little dog .. I think it was in Canada somewhere... suddenly dropped from the sky.   It had been carried away by an eagle as food for the young I guess but obviously put up a fight and came back to earth. Poor little one... I never heard anymore about it so I'm not sure if it survived or not.. I think it did ...  I"ll research it more tomorrow and find out for sure.   Gosh those eagles are huge.  We have the exact opposite here.. little tiny hummingbirds which zoom past my shoulder and sound like a giant bumblebee ......... they are so pretty and they don't seem scared.

Don't forget to leave me a comment or drop me a line if you enjoy my blog or would like to get other things like recipes, or more desktop wallpapers or other things I make...  It's always nice to hear from visitors and friends.
The funny little ducks out in the field swimming around in the flooded area ... they know me now already and saw me this afternoon sitting down there admiring my rock path we have nearly finished.  The girl one I think is nesting but the boy one comes over regularly to the gate and quacks and lets me know he's hungry. He usually eats a whole slice of grainy bread .... his "wife" came with him this afternoon and they came running across the grass then into the water and their little legs paddled like there was no tomorrow.  I love ducks.  They remind me so much of little boats.  They even have a "wake" as they travel along in the water .... I"ll miss them when they leave which I guess will be when the water dries up. Already the pussy willows have their buds and there are lots of green leaves everywhere.  I think Spring has sprung at last.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our little town has helicopters going overhead today... road blocks, and all things to do with flooding.  Graders and machines are working in areas of low lying ground and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have a flood from the field behind us.  One nice thing about the water being there is that there are wild ducks and I have made friends with a very pretty mallard I think he is. He has a girlfriend and maybe she's sitting on eggs because she's not always with him but they certainly are a couple.He's very friendly and loves the bread I'm giving him twice a day. He had a whole slice this afternoon.   The high water is so devastating not only to people and their possessions but also to wildlife  They all seem to have so much to deal with in their short little lives......

Today too is the funeral of my dear friend Peggy from Tasmania. I certainly will miss her lovely, newsy letters which came on a regular basis.  That dreaded cancer will end up getting us all I think.  It's horrible and continues its rampage despite the decades since its been around.   Rest in Peace dear Peggy Rose... some roses for you in rememberance.   Loved you lots.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well we woke up this morning to snow. Our spring and summer has disappeared pretty quick smart.  I made a mad dash to the deck to rescue my potted plants ... I now have a bathroom which looks like a conservatory.  What I can't believe is the size of the snow flakes  They are absolutely huge .. about the size of a small lemon. and its piling up very quickly.  It is the first time in my 12 years of living in Canada that I have seen snow on my potted plants.  Petunias with snow on them.....   they wouldn't last long in those conditions but hopefully I saved them in time and maybe tomorrow will be better.  If it wasn't for all the melted snow coming through our field at the back and making a small river ... I imagine the deer would return thinking that its time for more of that delicious corn I gave them all winter.   And what about the bears... they'll be thinking hey that was a short summer .. do I have to go to sleep again .... lol..... oh dear!   Spring come back ....   I loved my green grass ... so much for my gardening and making my rock pathway.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweetheart Circles .... come from my new Etsy Shoppe.... Four large images in 300 dpi so you can print them out.  Lots of uses.... mousepads would be nice... or I've even seen large images printed onto cushions.
Check out the shoppe....  it has lots of pretties and all at bargain prices.
A desktop wallpaper for you ....  I added my chandelier to this one.  Not sure  if I have posted it before so forgive my old brain if you have already got it.   You just click on the image to see it full size and you can save it from there. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I lost a wonderful, dear friend today. She died back in Australia from the dreaded and horrible cancer.  I will miss her.   She loved her garden and she was a great cook.  Many birthdays I had with yummy birthday cakes made especially for me.   Dear Peg ... rest in peace... no more pain....  I will plant a little tree in remembrance of you and know that you will always be in my heart.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can't believe the cats around us .... they are hiding out under our shed, or in the trees or behind whatever they can find so they can catch my little birds which come to the feeder.  As much as I love cats ... they sure are annoying when they lie in wait ... just to kill a little bird for  no other reason than for something to do. 

I think I'll have to start "lying in wait" as well and really give them what for.   I certainly wouldn't hurt them ... but a spurt from the hose might solve the problem.... or a water pistol maybe.  

My little squirrels will have to be careful as well.   The other day a big hawk flew over and the little squirrel out there flattened himself to the ground like someone had ironed over him.  He obviously knew what to do to save himself.  With little arms and legs out front and back and his chin down he was trying to make himself as less a target as possible.  He's so cute...  and him and his girlfriend are getting very spoiled by this old Aussie lady who had never seen a squirrel till she came to Canada. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful photo.   I wish the little puppy was mine.  I'm sure the mother deer who regularly came to visit my yard has her own little fawn by now. She sure had a big belly when I last saw her gobbling up the corn.  It will look just like this one and did you know that baby deer are born with no scent ... the mother has to quickly devour all the afterbirth and any signs of having given birth ... so predators can't find them.  And the little one will not have any smell of his own till he's much older.  I'm glad that things are like that ... and I'm constantly amazed at what animals can do to protect themselves if even for a short time.  They all seem to have something special about them.    I hope the little fawn that will inevitably have been born here around us will live safely and be healthy. I wish mum would bring him or her to show me....   Now that would be wonderful.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Having fun over the past few days starting up an Etsy Shoppe.  It's a great format and I can see why so many ladies like it.  My store is in its early days yet but it won't take me too long to get pages and pages of stuff up there.  I'm addicted to creating and designing and there is nothing prettier than vintage and victorian lovelies .... with lots of flowers, lace, big floppy hats, gold frames, and all sorts of embellishments.   The digital collage sheets I'm going to be selling can be used for heaps and heaps of purposes.  You can print out as many as you want and resize etc ....  so be sure to check out the Shoppe every so often. You never know what you might find....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This is a super family photograph. I don't know who they are or what year it was taken... but click on it to see it very large.  I can't get over how all the girls almost look like the same person... and really all the kids look so much alike.  Is the tall guy the father ... is the one sitting down  without the braids in her hair the mother ... or are they all just the children.  Perhaps the two girls in front are twins...   Great photograph and how I wish I knew who they were or what their lives were like.  It's part of loving vintage things to dream about what might have been for these people.  I wonder what they would have thought about having their photograph on a strange thing called a blog that anyone in the world could see and how amazing for them to know it was in  the year 2011. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

In 1954 an Aussie lady wore a wedding dress she designed herself. 
Whilst she waited to see what Kate was wearing last week at the Royal Wedding she was
surprised to see "her own dress" appear.  I wonder what Kate would think of that...:-)
You can click on the image to see it larger.  I think they both looked superb ....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I don’t often have sales... but I always think Mothers Day is something very special. My mum passed away many years ago and I was not lucky enough to have children of my own... (except my cherished fur babies over the years)... so I think its time for us girls to get spoiled and to enjoy the lovely things in life ..
There is a gigabyte of pretties ... and the dvd will be sent to you as soon as I receive your order. You will
love the beautiful creations I’ve made for you to use in your own designs ..my favourite is the Divine Desktop Wallpaper Collection which I love making. I can splurge with flowers and sparkles, lace, ribbons etc ... and they are such a gorgeous way to personalise your computer with vintage designs on your screen.
anyway I wanted to wish all the mums out there a very happy mothers day.
I hope you all make some more cherished memories.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Be careful if you see any links on Facebook etc about the death of Bin Laden. It's all fake and will give your computer a virus.  It doesn't surprise me that the White House does not want to release photos .... I bet they keep them hidden or top secret and then release them closer to the election of a new president.  Obama is starting his campaign (did he ever stop from the last one) .... and I can see that they will use the image as a ploy to up his ratings when the time is right.  They have flip flopped so much on their decisions its quite unbelievable.  Anyway take care if you see a link... do not click on it.

Today we put in some new grass seed seeing that its raining gently and the time seemed right.  When along came next door's very pretty and cute big ginger rabbit.  He started digging in the soil and jumping around and rubbing his face on the rake.  He's so funny.  He's more like a dog than a rabbit.  I'm always surprised at what pops up in my yard.  One never knows what you'll find up here in the woods.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Super pretty desktop wallpaper for you .
Click on the graphic to see it original size and you can then save or install it from there.
Good news about the death of Bin Laden. Horrible creature he was.  He was left 80 million dollars when he was just 13 ....after his father's death .. He had about 50 siblings.  My fear now is that there will definitely be retaliation of some sort.  And so much sadness for the deaths of soldiers who gave their lives in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq... hoping to find this monster. At least their deaths will not have been in vain.  It must be a small consolation to their families to know that the "mission was accomplished" and Bin Laden has finally gone.  But what a world we live in now.  Nobody knows what or who is around the corner ... every day I turn on the news channel I wonder what we are going to hear about next.