Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well Christmas has come and gone... it does that ... very quickly.  Lol.... Now we have lots of snow .. (it's all very pretty and sparkly) .. inspiring my white background this morning.  Santa was kind to me and I had a lovely Christmas dinner with friends and their children, and grand children... dogs too ... everyone ate their share of turkey (except me .. don't like turkey) ...  Got home to find my darling Dozer dog had escaped from the back yard and he was standing behind our Jeep when we pulled into the driveway. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt .. his old back legs are wobbly and I'm so glad he was okay.  I think someone might have had fireworks or something because he's usually a wonderful, good old dog and never tries to get out. 

I am hoping everyone has a wonderful New Year. Best wishes and love to you and your families and friends. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Greetings to all my blog readers.  There are quite a few thousand of you by now...   You can use the little girl image however you wish... except upload it to any other place.  Add some words and perhaps it would be nice to send in an email to family and friends.   It's quite large so reduce it if you need to.  Click on the image to see it another size. 

Best wishes to everyone..... stay safe, enjoy the time with loved ones ..
and I hope santa brings you some very pretty goodies ..  :-)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

For the little ones ........from Connecticut

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I decorated my chandelier...
it was a great find a couple of years ago at a garage sale for just $10 ...
It looks lovely in the evening with the lights on over our little table ...
but so difficult to photograph to its best advantage. It's much prettier in real life...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love this desktop wallpaper and its probably been on my blog some time ago but the blog is so big now you'd never find it unless you go through every post.
Click on the image to see it larger ... and install or save it to your computer.
Couldn't get much more Christmasy than bright red with pretty roses and old Santa sitting at his desk looking through the names of the naughty and nice ...

I sure hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. 

Friday, December 7, 2012


You can use this pretty lady for a bookmark like I do or print her out and tie a lovely ribbon in the top and use her for gift tags....


After doing my blog for about 5 years now its hard to remember what I've shared and what's new...   :-))
One day if you have some spare time go through all the posts over the years ... 

there are lots of pretty images for all sorts of things like tags, wallpapers for your desktop, cards, etc.

I've had to disable comments (at least for the time being) as I'm being spammed horrendously.... just junk words and heaps and heaps of them coming in on each post I made to my blog.  Urgh!  If you have anything you wish to tell me about my blog just use the email address further down the right hand side of my page ...  I love hearing from you ...  hopefully these bad guys will go away soon and I can re-instate the comment options .... 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


There's a button at the top and everytime you click on it .. you feed them.  Please help them ... they have done no harm to anyone and they need caring for and to be fed....
It breaks my heart to even go to the page but I do it regularly... they need us all.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cute little bo peep...

Friday, November 30, 2012

we have got cold days here in Canada .. lots of snow to shovel .. I think I'm turning into a whimp and would rather spend my day propped up in a comfy chair with a quilt around me, reading a favourite book.   It's so nice watching the snow come down but then I've got to go out and shovel it.  Makes it really seem like Christmas is coming .. unlike being in Australia where the day is usually so hot nobody wants to  cook anything.  I love the snow ...  and my beautiful old Dozer dog looks more like a wolf with snow on him.  He's just like some of those nature photos one sees in the stationery stores of wolves.  I should take a couple of him out there ... he's barking at me now to let him back in. He, too, has become a great big baby since we adopted him. He's a whimp now too.  lol

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Save the image if you wish ... click on it to see it larger....
Please don't upload them to any other site. They are for personal use only...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Desktop wallpaper for you ... click to see it larger size and save it from there...
Very vintage, very pretty ... looks great on my big screen...  :-))

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting lots of spam comments ... please don't bother to send me any of these letters as I just delete them and they are not published so you are wasting your time and mine....

Our power went out last night.... makes you realise how much we depend on it for simply everything.  Can't read a book, make a cup of tea, can't even find my old Dozer dog in the dark. Luckily we had lots of candles and thankfully it wasn't too too long before it came on again because up here in the cold of northern Canada you could easily freeze to death with no heating.  Even inside one's warm home it can soon become bitterly cold if the furnace doesn't come on or you can't plug in a heater.  

Later I managed to get onto the computer and was sad to read that Larry Hagman has died.  Old J.R. from the series Dallas which I used to watch back home in Australia .. every week without fail.  Loved it.  Went to visit Dallas on one of my USA trips and saw the ranch they used in the show ... It was always fun to see what antics old J R got up to on the telly.   Long time ago now.... wow .. where have the years gone to. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate...   coming from Australia it was a new experience for me to have a Thanksgiving dinner here in Canada.  I don't like turkey though so it probably is not quite the same ....  but I sure do love pecan pie ... in fact all the pies I like...  :-))    

I was checking out my whole blog page just now and wanted to remind you all to go to the bottom and see the globe circling. Your town will blink and that is you looking at my page. All those red dots you see are former visitors to my blog. You can also click on the world and turn it this way or that ...  neat little program ....  I still can't believe how I can come from Australia up to the top of the world and yet the plane still seems to be flying straight ... you'd think it would have to go straight up like a rocket and then curve around the earth.  No wonder people used to think the world was flat.  It's very amazing I think.  

anyway have a great turkey day.... 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another weekend gone... gosh they sure do go quickly as we get older. When I was "in my prime" ... :-))  back in Australia I loved Friday and Saturday nights so I could go out to the cricket club dinners or the football dance nights.  Parties afterwards, breakfast for everyone and sleeping in on Sundays before heading off to work again on Monday. Now I don't work and I can nap whenever I want and I have no inkling to do what I did before. I couldn't cope....  lol .... I'm happy in my bed early, propped up with lots of pillows and time to read my Kindle or just watch some of my favourite shows on the telly. I love the English period dramas, or murder mysteries, like Downton Abbey, Midsomer Murders, too many to name.  There is nothing quite like being comfy and happy in one's house ...  and having our pets beside us. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Use the images as you wish  ...  but please don't upload them to anywhere else...
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I should take my camera outside with me when I go down to the bottom of the yard to feed the birds. It's quite an adventure out there on the ice and in the snow.  My cute little resident squirrel was so busy this morning trying to chase every single bird away from the peanuts and sunflower seeds its a wonder he didn't have a heart attack ... so funny to see him going beserk because he didn't want the birds to get any of the seeds.

Whilst I was out there I gave old Dozer dog a quick brush because his coat is so thick and now that he lives here with us after we adopted him and he's inside most of the time I think his old body is telling him he's in Australia or somewhere other than northern British Columbia in the freezing cold.  So out comes this beautiful soft fluffy white fur and I usually hang in on a branch for the birds or on the wire fence. This time I put it in the bird feeder and down came the squirrel so excited to see it. 

I'd never noticed what he did before .... but I stopped and watched this time.  He grabbed the bunch of  fur .. it's fly away soft ... and because he couldn't obviously jump along the tree branches  and hold it all  he took it into his mouth twisting and turning it around and around obviously making it wet so he could shape it and hold it better .. but he looked like santa claus with a big white beard.  When he had it the right size and texture he ran with it along the fence and up into the shed next door. Through a gap and obviously now has a luxurious apartment in there with either fur carpet or fur whatever.  He'll be nice and warm for the winter no doubt.  :-))    Old Dozer was none the wiser as to where his coat went .. he was too busy trying to get rid of the cat in the grass ... who takes no notice of him whatsoever.  Nobody takes notice of him because I guess they know the boundaries of his land and the old age abilities ...  but at least he tries.

I love this image of the little child with her beloved dog... :-) and its just been added to my Etsy Shoppe.  Four variations of it are included on the one digital collage sheet and all are very pretty - click on the image to see it larger or hop over to the page at Etsy and have a peak....  Don't forget too that there is a 20% discount if you use the coupon code in the right hand column here at my blog. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

I woke up this morning with the dreaded sore throat and the sniffles so I guess I'm getting a cold.  My fault for going outside in my housecoat and nightie in minus 10 degrees last night to take old Dozer dog for his bathroom break.  Weather sure has been colder over the last week or so. 

It was funny this morning to see our resident squirrel going up and down the branches of the tree above his squirrel storage places... (he's got about eight I think ...) hiding away his peanuts and sunflower seeds for the winter which I have been giving him on a regular basis.  This morning he was frantically trying to scare away the birds when he saw me coming with more food ... obviously he thinks its all for him.  With Dozer dog chasing the birds from the ground and staring up into the sky to bark at those ones as well.... and the squirrel doing it from the tree branches ... they would have made a good team ... perhaps going into the bird scaring business.  So funny to watch them both......

A pretty pic for you today.... hope you like it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So disappointed that Mitt Romney wasn't elected President of the United States. I sure am NOT looking forward to hearing Obama's voice for another 4 years. It seemed every time I turned on the tv he was on some show or another.... not very Presidential at all. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not sure what is up with blogspot lately. My background has disappeared and so has all my right hand side pretties.  Perhaps they got tangled up in the bad weather on the east coast. Not sure where their headquarters are located. Refresh a few times or come back another time if you can't see a full page of the blog...    :-(
Click on the image to see it larger and save it from there. Please don't upload anything from this blog to any other site ... that's all I ask. 

Gosh already a week has flown by since I last posted to the blog.  With snow all around me here in the woods and guests coming for dinner ... halloween and my friends funeral as well .... its been a somewhat busy week.  Old Dozer dog is liking the snow I think. He always grabs a mouthful of it as he's walking around ... the squirrel is enjoying the peanut butter I put out for him .. and a mother deer has been visiting with two young ones which she must have given birth to in the Spring.  I love seeing them.  They are quite spoiled because there is still plenty of food in the field for them .. but of course they prefer the birdseed or anything else I can give them.

I'll certainly be glad when the US election is over.  So many ads, so much rudeness and lies .. deception and disgusting behaviour I think.  It will be an interesting voting night though ... dead heat at present... my heart is with Mitt Romney ... 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

For whatever weird reason this morning I woke up thinking of girls names that were actually names of flowers.  For instance, Rose, then Iris, Violet,  Lily and Daisy, Willow, Jasmine, Ivy,  Heather, Hyacinth, Holly, Poppy and a few others...  in one English program I watch the star's real name is Honeysuckle, and then there is Primrose, Pansy and Petunia.    Names sure can be weird and wonderful at times  .....   Back home in Australia I worked with a lady who had three daughters .. their names were Shelley, Sandy and Coral.  (She must have liked the beach) ...  lol ....
And on our trip to Vancouver last year we met a guy standing in line at the supermarket with two carts full of baby products.  We got talking to him and he told us he had two sets of triplets .. all girls..  Gorgeous ... luckily he had two grandmas to help out with the children.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little image I created the other night ...
Click on it to see it larger.
I hope you like it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

My dear friend died last night and I will miss her so much.  I was so looking forward to taking her out for a drive to a tea shop when she felt better .. she was so pleased for me when I passed my driving test and got my licence.  She loved her garden, her dog and cat, visiting for cups of tea and cakes and of course her wonderful family ....  my life here in Canada won't be quite the same without her.  Rest in Peace dear lady.  You will be sadly missed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A birthday greeting to add to your stash...  :-)   I love the colours in this one. Click on the image to see it larger and save it from there.
Surprise this morning to find three little deer in the field at the bottom of our yard.. they were standing there looking and listening to my old Dozer dog who I am pretty sure they remember from last year. They weren't scared of him and I think he was more interested in getting my attention than really bothering with them.  He's such a dear old soul and I love him so much.  He loves it when I take notice and when I go out onto the deck he has to put on a performance to show me he's "doing his job" of barking at everything that moves. 

I watched the 2nd Presidential debate last night .. and hated the format of the show. I'll certainly be glad when the election is over .....  I hope Mitt Romney wins .. I'm so sick and tired of seeing and hearing Obama on tv.  I was stunned the other day when I read that he had actually phoned a radio station so he could go on the air and talk about American Idol.  Maybe he should take a lesson from my sweet Dozer dog .. who does his job ... 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Gosh what a rude man Joe Biden is. After watching him in the Vice Presidential debate last night with Paul  Ryan I was appalled at his antics.  His constant interruptions, his phony and inappropriate laughter, smirking,  were terrible. He interrupted Mr Ryan 80 times ... If I was at a dinner party with someone like him and he was carrying on like he did last night in front of millions of people, I would simply get up and walk away.  Urgh!! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A pretty image I made today.  I love the sepia colours ... its larger in its original size so click on it if you wish to save it from there.  

Gosh cold day today. No matter what I did or what I wore I couldn't seem to get warm so perhaps I'm getting a cold or a chill ...  I think I will just hop into my bed early tonight and read my kindle.  I am on the latest book by Anne Perry who writes wonderful mysteries in the Victorian era. Her descriptions bring it all to life ... 


Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian pals...  lovely day to celebrate family and friends. The sun is out, the leaves are falling from the trees and the beautiful colours surround us.  My little squirrel friend is working overtime stashing away the peanuts I've been giving him.  He must have filled up one of his stashing places because he's now going up and over the branches and down to another spot near the ground.  Dear little fellow works so hard. He does it for hours.   I guess he's having a happy thanksgiving day too finding all the food I've put out for him....   :-)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Well done Mitt Romney.... :-))
Great words last night ...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One from my Etsy Shoppe... click on the image to see it original size ..
(I think that's how they come up ... )
Add it to your stash and use as you wish ...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gosh October is here already.  We spent the day tidying up the shed ... preparing for the stuff we have to get done before winter sets in.  Put the garden furniture away, lawnmower, bikes etc.  I do miss my flowers during the winter ... it's so pretty in the snow but it would be adorable to see a red rose or some lilacs etc popping up through the white.  Whilst our weather is turning colder ... my mates back home in Australia are planting their spring bulbs and getting ready for warmer weather.  We had the football grand final over the weekend and that was a nail-biter right till the siren went at the end of the game and it was great to see it live from Australia on our satellite channel.

A couple of pretty tags for you if you are saving the images I add to my blog ...  send me your feedback .. I would love to hear from more of you.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I love these little girls... I wonder if they are sisters...
Brand new at my Etsy Shoppe...  click on the image to take you to the store.
And don't forget to use the discount coupon code you can find here in the right hand column. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two birthday greetings to add to your stash...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Now I know why my Kindle was very slow ... and why our internet uploading was hopeless even though it was supposed to be high speed.  Just rang the company and they had us hooked up to some wrong port or whatever.  Urgh!!!  Now I'm hoping I'll be faster than a speeding bullet but somehow I don't think so. At least its a bit faster than it was.   Beautiful day here in the woods of northern British Columbia. The sun has been shining all day, the trees are turning yellow and its so gorgeous out there.  The little squirrel out in the yard is stocking up on sunflower seeds and peanuts ... he's up and down to the bird feeder and then jumps across to the branch of the tree and down to the ground he goes. I wish he'd just tell me where his little stash is and I'd put the cupful of seeds there for him... instead of in the bird feeder. lol ..
But alas my beautiful Dozer dog is having some troubles getting up off the ground. His hind leg is giving way and he's falling alot so I'm off to the vets surgery on Monday to see what I can get for him.  He's like me... my knee gives way and sometimes I fall too. Bless his sweet little heart I hope I can help him with some medication.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I sure do hate computers sometimes when nothing seems to go right.  A new hard drive and lots of fiddling around, moving files, trying to get plug ins to work in my paintshop pro, changing email address around, downloading fixes, researching why this or that won't now work .... urgh!  I wish Microsoft would leave things alone.  When something is working fine and they remove it ... causing havoc with us computer users who then have to try and get programs to accept the changes...  it's a never ending process of updates and alterations.

click on the image to see it larger if you wish to save it...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

click on the cards to see them  larger ... save  from there ..

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Whoopee... yeah!!!!!!
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is coming to Knowledge network in October so I'm thrilled about that.  The Aussie show I raved about further down my blog looks great and is already a hit in Oz so I'm really looking forward to an hour of pretty costumes, good acting and storylines, plus lovely interior shots of homes and all the outdoor scenery of my beloved country.  I do miss the ocean so much ... and of course the possums, koalas, kangaroos and wombats.  :-))   Not the snakes though or the tarantulas .. they can keep those ... in fact I'm more scared of the spiders down there than I am scared here of the bears.  I'll take a bear anytime....     I'll be all set this winter now having a decent Aussie show to watch...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

an email dressup to add to your letters...  these are pretty at the top of your emails to family and friends... It's larger in real life so click on it to see it original size... and save it from there.   Gosh summer has returned to us today. I was going to mow the lawn but I think its too warm out there.... I'll have to wait for the evening cool breeze .. or at least till I've recovered from my bike ride to the supermarket.  I hope the little birds and the squirrels appreciate the effort I put in to go get their big plastic bag of seed ... yikes.. it was quite a trek back with it...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There's a new little girl in my Shoppe... She's so pretty and its a lovely image. It comes on a sheet with another little girl who is just as gorgeous.  Gosh I could think of so many ways to use these....  I hope you like them too.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Wow!   I might have to buy myself a new Kindle Paperwhite .... I would love one of those. I use my old Kindle every day ... just love reading and its been great but now I'd like the new one with the whiter screen.  I even take it to the doctors surgery whilst I'm waiting for my appointment.  I researched it all today so I'll have to start saving.

I also created a gift certificate at my WhimsyDust Affair Etsy Shoppe today .. for all those ladies who want to give their friends a gift for any occasion. I love receiving gift certificates .. its so much fun deciding what you want and don't have to pay for it ... and its so much better than getting a gift you might not like. 

You can check out the page here if you have somebody special in mind who creates pretty things to sell or just for personal purposes.  It's a great way to surprise someone who you care about.   

Friday, September 7, 2012

I think Fall is on the way .. although our days in the woods are just wonderful right now with sunshine and some warmth but not too "summery" hot.  I like days like today when I can take my breakfast down onto the lawn and sit at my garden table and chairs and enjoy time with my sweet and adorable old Dozer dog.  He "helps" me eat my toast whilst in between mouthfuls he chases the squirrels at the bird feeder and makes sure that the inevitable crows sitting on the tree branches get none of his mothers breakfast.  And its such a nice cool spot to sit and read my Kindle.  What a wonderful invention it is... and today on the news I see that new versions of it are out next week .. so I might have to start saving for a new one that has a white background instead of the usual grey one.  I think white with black writing would be so much easier to read.

And my new hard drive for the computer will be here soon so then I'll have a massive task of transferring my thousands of vintage images and files over to the new one. Programs I love, plug ins for paintshop pro, my Sherlock Holmes games, my stash of books to download to my Kindle, stationery and so much to move but I'm looking forward to no more  blank screens or slow searching.  I think this one now is on its way out pretty shortly and I dread waking up one morning and turning it on only to find everything has gone and nothing is working.   Makes you wonder what the heck we did without computers.