Thursday, October 24, 2013

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I remember when my Old English Sheepdog used to come home looking like this.  Bless him ... it was quite a task to get him clean after we'd been playing with the football down on the oval near my home. He'd inevitably find the puddles with the mud in them.   This little guy sure is cute.
Have you ever gone to the bottom of my blog first page and seen the earth revolving with all the lights on it. Every red light is the location of someone's visit to my blog.  You can click and  move the earth to any rotation ... so its really interesting to find even yourself perhaps there.  If you are on the blog your light will be blinking.  It's quite amazing when you think about it.  I'm happy that so many visitors enjoying coming to the blog ... send me some feedback ...I'd love to hear from you.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A pretty lady below for you to save and use if you wish... 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Don't forget to go to my Etsy shoppe and check out the coupon codes... you'll save some money with those.  My favourite new thing at the Shoppe are the Gift Envelopes you print and glue and attach to your Christmas tree with pretty red bows.   You could put a small gift inside or some cash....  and speaking of small gifts I'm sitting at my desk looking at a tiny little lipstick pink geek stick which holds 16 gigabyes.  Just right for moving things around or taking the sheets over to the print shop ....  its so neat. I wish they had these things when I was going to school.... I wish they had computers when I was going to school... heck ... it seems like we were all back in the stone age compared to what they have now. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wow... weather has turned crappy... seems to want to rain every day.  I haven't seen my little squirrel for some time so I think she's busy making ready for winter.  I hope she's not been hurt or caught by cats or other predators.  Our lawn is looking bare now with no garden furniture or potted plants etc and soon we'll have to wrap our little trees in hessian so the deer won't eat them.  They walk passed our place all the time and I think they look at the trees as some sort of chocolate box filled with something delicious.  Lots of places around town have the same trees and if you see them in the winter they have turned into topiary trees .. with just the leaves at the top and a long, tall trunk.

I've been enjoying listening to my audio books ... "The Cat who ... "  blew the whistle, went underground, who brought down the house, talked turkey, had 60 whiskers, and on it goes ....  love the series by Lilian Jackson Braun about a 50 something retired journalist who lives in the woods and solves mysteries with help from his beloved Siamese cats who seem to have a weird sense when something is wrong.  Nothing nicer than snuggling up in bed with snow coming down (which it will be soon) and having someone read to you.  I love my little tablet ... its wonderful.  And I'm stacked up with audio books like the squirrels must be for the long winter coming.

I've also added new coupon codes for my Etsy Shoppe... so check those out if you are interested. Great bargains there and some pretty new things for Christmas.   I love these old advertisements as well....