Thursday, November 28, 2013

I took a fall this morning on the icy deck ... I couldn't move.... had to try and crawl to the back door so I could thump it with my foot to get hubby to come rescue me.  I hate it when I fall on the ice. Inevitably things get bruised and bashed and my hand immediately swelled up and I did something to the vein in my wrist so over to the doctor I went.  Now I have it all bandaged up and am typing with one hand.  I'm not looking forward to tomorrow when all the aches and pains start happening.  I wonder if these fancy ladies back in the days ... did any walking on the ice or even on the snow. Certainly not dressed like this one.  :-)

Monday, November 25, 2013

This morning I took four strawberries down to the bird feeder for my little squirrel and of course any of the birds who wanted them.  They were so sweet, delicious and bright red.  Well the squirrel wasn't having any of the birds take them away. He gathered them up and transported them one by one to his stash two doors away.  He jumped from the tree, ran along the neighbours fence and then up into the shed of the next garden.  He did the same with peanuts and some bread ... sweet little guy - I actually think it's a girl - So many trips .. so much hard work ... If only she'd show me where the stash is I'd put the food there to begin with ...  lol
It's a lot of fun watching the antics of everything in the field and the back yard.  Watching the deer is wonderful.  They remind me of ballet dancers up on their toes.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

oohhh!!!!  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....
outside here in the Canadian snow.  We are even on the flight path from the North Pole when Santa makes his worldwide run.  It snowed all day today ... the little deer were in the field foraging for grass hidden beneath the frozen white stuff .. the chickadees were making quick little darting trips to the bird feeder to pick up the peanuts  and the squirrel was trying to scare away the crows that were wanting his peanut butter and sunflower seeds.  I think I'm spoiling them all.    I sat for a while on the snow in the chair I keep in the shed... it's nice to sit in the sunshine and watch the goings on in the yard. It's better than watching television sometimes. All the creatures seem to have their own agendas on how to get the most food in the quickest time.  Bless them all... I sure hope the winter isn't going to be bitter and disastrous for them this year.

I reduced the price of my DVD today ... for about a week... so if you are interested it's cheaper.  Filled with 486 digital collage sheets .....  and the shipping is contained in the price.  So there is no extra for that.
So many lovely images even if I do say so myself.   :-))   Great for all your creations or just to use as they are .

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A pretty girl for you ... it's been over a week I think since I wrote on my blog ... can't get over how quickly the days go flying by.  I spent 9 of those hours last night in the emergency room because of high blood pressure that seemed to come out of nowhere.  I have no clue what caused such a dramatic increase.... I said my prayers and told my Brian where I wanted to be buried.   Scarey thing for sure.

Anyway you can use the image above for whatever purpose you like.  I think she's gorgeous with her lovely red coat and feathers on her red hat and of course that lovely white scarf. I love wearing scarves and mittens here in Canada. Never had the chance much back home in Australia.  I even have a red coat too and a big white gorgeous scarf I knitted and added sparkling beads to.   Only thing I don't have are my wonderful Aussie roses ... I miss them so much.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Please be careful with jerky treats you give your dog. Hundreds if not thousands of them have died because these horrible things come from China and will kill your beloved pet.  Even the "beggin strips" are tainted with colouring and other bad things ...  before I found out about them I wondered why my gorgeous Aussie brown and white dog (Wilbur) had suddenly grown a big brown caramel coloured strip across his back. Whatever was in them was changing the colour of his fur and probably of his skin.  Same with my Dozer dog .. beautiful big white fluffy Husky wolf fellow who suddenly started changing colour as well. It wasn't till after we stopped giving him treats that his coat returned to the soft white it originally was.   Please take care in what you feed your pets. DO NOT give them any treats from China. I'm not sure about the other countries where they make them but CHINA will kill them.  I want to see a total ban on these things.   Tell your friends and family to be especially careful.